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ENTERTAINING, Cheeky, Award-Winning American Concert Fave Touring Europe (UK, FR, NL, GE, CZ, IT) in June

Hi there. Eric Schwartz here. I'll be landing in London on June 1st, flying out July 3rd. Still waiting to hear about Glastonbury but I'll be in London at the Crazy Coq on July 1 and would love to book some UK house concerts that previous week, but am open to other offers so let's talk!

Between June 2 and 20 (possibly more, again, let's talk) seeking shows in  FR, NL, GE, CZ, IT!

House concerts have been my bread and butter in the US for 15 years. See the below quotes from presenters and you'll know why!

I can be reached at . Love to talk to you. 




House Concert presenter quotes:

Eric Schwartz is one of the absolute best performers I've had at my house concert series. Superbly entertaining and immensely talented, he's also a perfect house guest! My audience loved him so much that even though I haven't yet formally announced this year's concert, I've already had a dozen people tell me they plan to attend! If you have a chance to see or host Eric, DO IT, you won't be disappointed! - Terri Everyone - Chicago, IL

Eric Schwartz's unique view of the world is hilarious, way off-color, and scary smart. As a writer and performer he's got all the chops, and he always leaves his audiences laughing, and thinking. We'd all be better off with a regular dose of Mr Schwartz. - Robin Pressman, Santa Rosa, CA

Eric Schwartz. What can I say? Charming and engaging, immensely talented with a wicked sense of humor. I confess, when we originally booked Eric to do a house concert, I paused. He can be a little risqué, after all and I wondered how my audience might react. To address this, we made full disclosure in every communication with our audience that if you were sensitive or easily offended, this might not be the show for you. Whether because of or in spite of that warning, we had a full house. Our audience LOVED the show. And Eric is at his best when he has an intimate audience to interact with, which makes him a perfect fit for house concerts. We had one gentleman who contacted us before the show out of concern for his wife inquiring just how offensive the show might be….Lindsey assured him that “women inexplicably love Eric” and they attended. I knew things were okay when I saw her waving her hands in the air, singing along to “Shaving off my muff for you”. -Deb Rouse - Houston, TX

Eric Schwartz might very well have four personalities battling for control of his brain, but that's one of the things that makes him special; NSFW Eric, riotously-funny-but-SFW Eric, singer-songwriter Eric and laid-back Eric are all ridiculously talented and wildly entertaining. And even if all four of them show up on your stage, you only have to feed one of them. - Bailey Jones, Auburn, AL

Eric Schwartz is a brilliant performer, whose show is perfect for the intimacy of a house concert. He engages the audience with his songs, wit, and stories. Be sure to include a PG-13 or R rating in your PR on the show. Prudes and evangelicals may not choose to attend this one… State Senator Cheryl Kagan, Rockville, MD

There are singers, song writers and performers but eric is truly an entertainer. His performance is custom tailored to each audience. Our audience always swears that eRic provides the best entertainment they've heard in years! - Nancy Pfau, Tucson, AZ

Eric is so amazing, that I've decided to lift the restraining order. Laurie Laba, Fox Run House Concerts, Sudbury, MA

Eric Schwartz is a polished and skilled performer. Due to the sometimes risque nature of his music, we were -- at first -- reluctant to book him, but fortunately thought better of it. Our audience laughed, clapped and sang along with Eric's wonderful songs and were completely captivated by his amazing talents as a performer. Yes, Eric's songs can sometimes be bawdy, racy, earthy, indecent, suggestive, improper, naughty and downright politically incorrect -- but only in the best and most humorous and witty ways! We would definitely have him back and look forward to the next time. Russell Paris - Russ ’n’ Julie’s House Concerts, Calabasas, CA

One of Little Tree's all-time favorite performers is, hands-down, the irreverant genius, Eric Schwartz. A true friend of our little concert series, Eric did a sold-out flood-relief fundraiser to a standing-room-only house back in 2013 that put over $1000 in the pockets of Lyons flood victims. True to his reputation and absolutely unique bawdy comedic music genre, Eric kicked off the evening with a sing-along, "There's a Picture ..." that made it clear what the evening would be about, and it only got better from there. His style is unapologetic, hysterical, deep and soulful, touching, and possibly offensive, depending on your political persuasion, religious leaning, and general squeamishness. He's a hoot, a hysterical blast, and absolutely one of the best people I know. -Joe Werne, Little Tree Acoustic, Boulder, CO

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