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Former frontman of Whiz-bang American String Band, now gone feral and touring solo internationally says "WILD about the burgeoning house concert scene: music as it was heard for thousands of years".

We introduce this  innovation. Steve will audition in a personal web cast to the hosts on the hub  (and all his euro fans), with us at
This is hands on hands across the ocean tour support! Stevie will be playing from his own home to your own home, in the hope you book him to do a house concert for him when he is in the UK. Visit for more details and how to tune in (entry on house concert principles pay what you want).  Find Stevie on the Hub here

I hope you can join us for what will be at the very least a nice community evening here on the Hub in the company of one of the world great picking player poets, I'll be in the chat frame to answer any questions on the hub and on how to put on a house concert, and any other queries you may have. 

If your an artist and you would like to do a stageit show let me know, I'll help get you started here too.

John Lilly's Cold Comfort is set to be one of the big albums of 2012 already #1 with the Free Form Broadcasters of the world for the second month and by a country mile. Touring in November booking house concerts now. Limited dates get one while you can.

Visit John on the Hub Here

Des Horsfall is a British Rustic-Rock 'n' Roller seen extensively on Country Music 

Television and VH-1 with hit videos. Opening act for Joe Ely, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Little Feat and others. Generally available for House Concerts. 
New (Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance inspired) album 'The Good Gentleman's Tonic' out now ! Currently touring as 'Acoustic KUSCHTY RYE' (multi intrumental duo) featuring Des Horsfall with Andy Mckerlie (who plays most of the instruments on the album). Between them they cover six and twelve string guitars, resonator, mandolin, 

keyboards (where a piano is available), harmonica and dual vocal. Des 'n' Andy engage in amusing banter and inconceivable tales interspersed with songs from TGGT and favourite Ronnie/Ronnie related covers. A right good night did I say Generally available?

Nels Andrews Late April 21st onwards just started booking (UK)


Nels Andrews is a devotee of the journey, of looking out windows and into the spaces between places, or between people,  of exploring what is in between your last birthday’s wish and the paint flaking off of your front door.  His latest notebookful of observations and extrapolations appear on his breakthrough second album, Off Track Betting.

An other Euro Stageit Show. 

Time: February 5, 2012 from 7pm to 7:30pm
Location: Get Tickets & View Show (pay what you want)Your Computer

Time is 7PM GMT
Website or Map:…
Event Type: online Web-cast
Organized By: New American Farmers

House Concert Hub Page: News Music and Video Footage.

Mars, Arizona, like many other American towns, has vanished, forced to shut down it's community due to lack of funds. Some blame the economy, some blame the state of the music business. Like the American Farmer, it just became too expensive to run the family business any longer and the town was auctioned off to an unnamed entity. This led to relocation and name change for the band known as Mars Arizona. Thus, "New American Farmers" was born. Like their namesakes, the Duo will have to learn how to survive by embracing new sustainable approaches to music production and delivery. They hope to renew Spirits, enhance environmental stewardship and improve the lives of their families as well as their community. No more cross country tours in gas guzzling vehicles or airplanes. New approaches to fan outreach will have to be developed. Stay tuned for a new chapter in the musical history of Nicole Storto and Paul Knowles.

ARTISTS: Its all go here on the hub if your interested in this kind of hands on support for booking your tour, promoting it and keeping in touch with your Audience where ever you are in the world please do get in touch. 
HOSTS: If you have shows coming up and want to advertise them on this community post them as an event, they appear on the front page here and on the front page at Flyinshoes Review, If you havn't as yet hosted and would like to let me know and I'll help with any advice I can.
HOUSE CONCERT GOERS: Thanks, this is the bottom line, if you don't go to the gigs all this tallent will wilt on the vine, house concerts and small venues are really making a differnce to the independently minded musicians of the world and I thank you on their behalf and those of of us who work for them. 
Thank you one and all.
Rob Ellen


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