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Dear House Concert friends, I'm looking for a couple of intimate concerts, house or otherwise, to engage with after my performances at Belladrum Festival ( 4th, 5th,6th Aug )...please see press release below and website details which tells you all you need to know! Many Thanks


Captain Of the Lost Waves

‘An uncompromising vision shall always divide opinion, for such is the unswerving conviction evident in the creation itself.’

If you have not heard of The Captain, that might just be the point!

These are the lost stories and the hidden gems, much like The Captain himself!

He revels in the underground, the magical unseen, the mystical otherworldly-ness of realms often overlooked and consigned to the shadows.

In doing so, he continues to retain a unique boutique connection to those who discover him…’Once a ‘First Mate’, always a ‘First Mate’. If you enjoy a little “Nu Vaudeville” and a “Renaissance of the Bard” then please come forth; if you like to be actively involved in a show and not merely be another bystander, then please come forth; if you like something which is uniquely different every time and is joyously anarchic and highly unpredictable, then please come forth. If you like defying the norms of social convention and enjoy laughter and fun-fuelled rebellion and reflection in equal measure, then please do come forth. A Captain Of The Lost Waves show has been described as a “Pixar - esque journey”, keeping all suitably stimulated in a variety of medium & moods.

A timeless troubadour, creating a concoction of music & interactive, intuitive performance... No gig is ever the same.

Where sweet black cabaret meets a healthy dollop of vaudeville. Replete with an equal measure of joy, pathos and profundity it has to be seen to be believed.


The debut album ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’ on the BBC ( Brigand Broadcasting Company ) which was released on March 8th 2017 is being accompanied by a series of performances in unusual, bespoke, intimate & engaged settings, in both solo and band guises (accordion and percussionist ).


A ‘cabin crew’ of accordion & pitter patter percussion adding to the Captain’s voices, accompanied by his Bouzouki/Ukulele, are the nucleus of the noise evident on the debut album.


Making the record on location, as only a travelling man could, the execution of a sonic, panoramic imagining, could only be achieved by recruiting musical brigands, those not constricted by any particular genre or style, yet graceful, fluid and free enough to embellish the spacious scope of a fragile ditty, yet equally at home pounding out a thunderous storytelling exercise put to music.




See below a handful of current critical acclaim for ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’ alongside live reviews.

‘My album of the year!’   Colin Bailey, R2 Magazine

.  ‘ I don't think I'm made of that stuff, ‘  laments the singer-songwriter styled only as The Captain. The doubt's right there, in the lyrics of one of his beautifully heartfelt songs – yet if "that stuff" is talent, then the man we see in front of us clearly exudes it from every pore.  Let's be clear about one thing first: The Captain really can sing. I don't just mean he can sing in Fringe terms – I mean he has a voice you might hear on a West End stage, or here in Edinburgh at a recital in the Usher Hall. **** 

Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)


 'Now this was a curio of time-travel theatre. His Good Ship has landed at Space Triplex for a short run and yesterday I was called to witness his melody, muse and weirdness. Fifty minutes of nautical mysticism brought to life with a genuine apparition of a Spirit Galleon' ***** 

Mark 'Divine' Calvert, Mumble Cirque (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

‘There really are no words in the English language to describe the Captain.. lyrically fascinating & melodically intriguing, a complete hidden treasure’


Eileen Shapiro - Louder Than War



'The Captain has created a masterpiece...music that has been crafted from the finest wood, polished & honed to sheer perfection' *****

MLWZ Poland – Gonzo Weekly


‘With a personality bigger than the sun, The Captain shines just as bright. His show is fun, funny, captivating, engaging, fascinating, fanciful, beautiful, enthralling...but most of all it is liberating’.

Madhouse/Brewery Art Centre *****


Captivating and delightful, a mesmerising performer who absolutely hypnotised the audience. I don't say this lightly, but that was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

Shangri-La Cabaret Club, Prestwich, Manchester


A masterclass of imagination that never once strays into the artificial or the dismally unbalanced realm of the pretentious.

Liverpool Sound And Vision *****


It's musical peyote, or whatever Lewis Caroll was on. Hallucinatory audio theatre. Choruses of drunken sailors, East German Mandolin Worriers and Bavarian Bouzouki Fondlers. This album is so special, containing melodies that will get under your skin and haunt you like a weathered tattoo of your favourite dead sheep dogs name…



Now that everything has been done three to four times, this proves it's always possible to go beyond. Incredible, ground breaking and unique.

Lord Litter, Radio On Berlin *****


More than music, this is theatre and art and great storytelling, but it would be a brave man who would wander into the mind of The Captain without the aid of a safety net.

Folkall Blogspot


Stepping into the wildly outlandish world of The Captain will set you on the most fantastical paths of upended perspectives and uproarious images.



The Captain thrives in a vague no man's land; that abstract venn diagram where goth, cabaret, vaudeville and the circus all intercept brilliantly.

The Big Takeover


He strikes a seemingly impossible balance, somehow managing to mix lumineers style - alt folk and pop charm with seedy Tom Waits grit, all shot through with sweeping melodies reminiscent of Tin Pan Alley.

RTT News


Once in a while comes along an artist that not only thinks out of the box, but uses the box as a stage to display all the wonders of the world from. The good Captain is one such artist. Both rare and unique we need them right now, more than ever.

House Concert Music TV *****


Eccentric, creative and innovative - for fans of Tim Burton; heavy excesses mixed with hedonism, gluttonies and musical debauchery. Think Monty Python meets Queens Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Huffington Post


‘Capable of veering between heartfelt & vaudevillian with a comedic timing only afforded to a chosen few.

He is poet, comedian & storyteller all in equal measure. To see it is to believe it.
To not see it, is to try only imagine it’.

Printers Playhouse Eastbourne (Audience reviews & reactions)


‘Mrs Yarringtons is overjoyed with pleasure to announce the return of The Captain. For those who have seen him at Mrs Y’s or last years The Big Green Cardigan he needs no introduction. For those who haven’t how to describe it? as one reviewer said, ‘Watching a ‘Captain Of The Lost Waves’ performance is like trying to describe the colour number nine’ and I think that says it all. Deliciously bonkers, eccentric and impossible to categorize. Through operatic scales to eerie chorale voices, hypnotic rhythm’s to confessional and emotive lyrics and haunting melodies we ultimately come to the conclusion that the Captain is a man not content to sit still as he travels musically, physically and mentally, ultimately avoiding destination drudgery. Were he not one of the great contemporary lyricists he would no doubt be hailed as one of the great modern poets or thinkers of our time.
This really is one not to miss.’
‘From the greatest show on Earth some of the greatest stories never told’

Mrs Yarringtons Music Club, Battle/The Big Green Cardigan Festival, E.Sussex

 'The Captain knows how to keep an audience engaged. Not only through his songs (one of the best singers I`ve seen); the audience participation who gets to be part of the show and the chorus (I was lucky enough to get a kazoo); his stories from a rather heavy book from which he kept tearing pages for our amusement'.

'Favourite show in the Fringe this year. Fun songs for people of any age and all the family that will make you smile. A great whimsical character and an hour is just not long enough!  I recommend it to everyone!'

'An incredibly funny and charismatic talented man’

'What splendid deliverance of an outstanding performance! 5* Become immersed in the captains adventures through time and space, through heart felt storytelling and deep and meaningful songs, that will have you singing and tapping along in minutes, in this unique and unusual show '

‘The Captain often appears in those rare live performances as a one man wonder, his own man, oddball perhaps, unique in the way that distinguishes original artists from the copyists’

' No fanfare, no announcement, no "make some noise" for the Captain. He's there waiting in the dark with us and he calmly steps forward when his audience is settled. He gives us a brief introduction about his cosmic journey and begins the first of 7 beautifully crafted songs, all of which you are encouraged to sing along with. It's ok, you will feel compelled and unabashed. His stage persona suggests we accept him and his stories at face value. Tales of musical collaborations with Edith Piaf and Captain Rickard are mesmerising. As the audience accepts his word we believe his tales from outer space about meetings with names we have never heard' *****   Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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