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Many broadcasters are using Spotify now, coupled with Facebook & Flyinshoes Review and The House Concert Hub it’s all proving to be a powerful tool & it’s cheap, no overheads just my time and contacts, It all comes with free adverts on Flyinshoes Review and The House Concert Hub and all medicine show pages. I’m running a introductory special £50 (*$80) and its free with an album CD campaign (CD’s aren't dead yet dusty old aunt beeb still needs hard copy amongst others). The idea is we can offer this as an introduction, then we have 350 kbps MP3s and Wavs to send and if they need hard copy I inform you and it’s your choice to send from there. The BBC seldom respond and need CD’s so still need to be covered in the old way (I can quote for that work) and The Euro Broadcasters Chart effectively need a box of CD’s to land in unison, to have a chance of featuring on the chart, but I can reach them all by email and face book.

 Here is our medicine Show Promo Spotify list

I look forward to your thoughts

Rob Ellen .


The Euro House Concert Hub is entering its 5th year, Flyinshoes Review its 10th, and has inspired The Australian House Concert Hub and continues to connect artists with hosts across this continent too. Plus we report on these tours, our members releases and all the other important artists releases and tours through FSR. We now have  in the region of 2000 members in these communitys, & around 300 unique users each day posting/reading reviews and news while organising shows and tours.  

We are now on the pro Ning network.  Pro network offers the ability to sign in with Facebook, Twitter or other services, Text Box options in the header and footer, API access (Pro), more advanced member controls and a language filter (Pro).

The cost is $90 a month which I redeem in advertising, at the cheapest rates anywhere . Before I explain how you can advertise and help keep the wheels on the hub, may I offer thanks again to all our members donations, both from artists who have found gigs here and from hosts who have met artists, and from gig goers everywhere, particularly those who have set up bank drafts with regular monthly payments, your patronage is all very much appreciated and does help me considerably in keeping this thing going.

The big change is no more random ghastly Google adverts, now we can advertise our own wares and services.

Here's the pitch, for £5 ($80) we can advertise and spotify plug your release, directly to gig goers, hosts and artists both here and on our sister site webzine Flyinshoes Review on all pages, and on Face Book too. I will also do your tour/event listings and inform our comprehensive media list of your events and tour. Both sites average about 130 - 150 unique users each day. and over 500 page hits per day. I will also feature advertising members available dates, on the front page and update the membership by an A.P.B. of your tour and available dates. Visit Tour Support  for more information on this service. Contact if you wish to inquire about our publicity services for your tour and album support Visit Here  for our current releases and artist roster.

 For the cost of a couple of CD's or a couple of tickets you can boost your profile and insure your listings are done, and the people who matter know who and where you are.

So please consider taking up this offer. UNBEATABLE VALUE

This facility adds proven value to our promo service, I'm now able to offer this advertising option to Medicine Music clients when they sign up for our general publicity service.  

The latest beneficiary's Rob Lutes charted recently N01  in the Euro Americana Chart Jan 2013 with Tokyo Rosenthal 3 and Rich Mahan 5 Phil Lee currently No 4 . It works.

We are now Euro reps for tip to view music web-casters,  more info and how to sign up Visit Here.  Now helping our artists maintain their fan base and connections here in Europe  between tours, through regular video-casts from their home and on the road.

We now do Stageit auditions for artists looking for House Concerts, Acoustic Venue host's and promoters. 

I can couple all this with advice on consolidating your digital network, to maximise your fan and promo reach to minimise your computing time, IE show you how one or two posts can update all these sites with rss feeds and widgets, including face book and twitter, while maintaining and growing your national press and media profile.  No other publicity service offer this depth across all modern media platforms never mind this mechanism for building tours and promoting shows .

Please email me on for quotes and information and please consider posting your advert and events with us .

I'm really excited about these new opportunities and hope to make them work for you in 2012
Rob Ellen

Oh did I mention our Radio Shows on FM and on the internet? The  LBFM and Two Lochs Radio Medicine Show every Wednessday  in the Highlands and The  Medicine Show Health and Happiness Hour every Wednesday  and Thursday (Click Here for listen again concerts and shows on FSR Radio ) and every Sunday at Noon and Wednesday at 4pm on ABC Radio Alness . 


We introduce our Tour Support feature for artists looking to fill dates and publicise their tour, which consists of us taking a hands on approach to helping you fill those difficult dates between engagements, letting listings and media know about your dates as well as advertise your tour and new release. 

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Comment by Steve Satterwhite on October 30, 2011 at 13:11

What are the dimensions for a side panel?

How much for a six month deal?

Steve Satterwhite

The Great Recession Orchestra


Comment by Ben Sands on September 5, 2010 at 17:31
Send me the details, Rob - I got a new CD to promote!
Comment by Yok Finney on August 22, 2010 at 2:14
Hi Rob, Thanks for your email. I caused Richard Glanville (Freewing Masts, Inverness) to chuckle when I said I'd gone from poverty to just above starvation level wages. "This is a serious boatbuild." But I'll do a financial review come October and see how we're placed to advertise EpochZine
Comment by Tim Wilkinson on August 20, 2010 at 17:29
Thanks Rob. I'm soon to take delivery of my first really decent guitar (see my blog re: Brook Torridge), after which I shall begin working on a brand new CD, produced my Mitch Keene, who also directs promo videos for Andy Partridge's Ape House label. After which I shall definitely take you up on the advertising opp's.



The House Concert Hub was founded by (me) Rob Ellen of Medicine Music; Publicist, Promoter, Presenter. Here are some of the artists Medicine Music and I have the privilege to work with, and links to their music and our mailing list. Please consider joining, be first to know what's happening. All of our artists are confirmed House Concert fans and available for your consideration. Also follow our rolling news below in this column.

Enjoy the site.

You are very welcome to this community; all feedback is very much appreciated ...  Rob Ellen.
 Play Gigs

Artists If you want to connect directly with hosts promoters, DJ's and publications who are really active on this site and FSR and off. I can help, have a look at our enhanced membership group, I can connect you with and help you maintain your support structure here in Europe, thats what I do.

 I have introduced to Europe with the help of many of the members here and on FlyinShoes Review and the broad/podcasters and reviewers of Europe the likes of I See Hawks In LA, AJ Roach, Nels Andrews, Carry Elkin, Drew Nelson, Robby Hecht, Eric Brace and Peter Cooper, John Byrd, Phil Lee, Tom Mason, Charlie Roth, the list goes on and on and grows by the week.

I hope its of interest, its great work and I love doing it.
Rob Ellen

Info on Medicine Show Records and our Mobile Studio and concert duplication system 

Find us here

Please help me keep the wheels on The Medicine Show, and keep the hub rolling HERE!



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